How to Give Right Decisions at the Right Time in ERP Projects?

We talked to Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, ERP solutions consultant, about Login ERP and solutions they offer as ERP Systems become an indispensable part of business world by simplifying our lives day by day. 

1​Hüseyin Özban,Lazzoni Furniture Factory Manager, Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, Login Software ERP Solutions Consultant

Although the question "What is ERP" has been heard many times, the answers are not generally satisfying. What do you think about this?

When we search what it is ERP on Google, we see a definition as "Original name: Enterprise Resource Planning –ERP is the general name given to the integrated management systems that enable efficient use of sources such as labor force, machinery, tools, and alike which are needed for product and service manufacturing in businesses. I think that such a definition is not a wholly correct explanation for ERP. In fact, the main purpose of ERP is to manage all work units in an integrated manner and to provide the interaction. It is obtaining all necessary data about any subject to be decided from the software and transforming it into information. Another definition can be that it is obtaining all data that may support the process of conducting decision systems especially interpreted as corporate profile from the software. One of the reasons why the question "what is ERP" cannot be understood completely may be the fact that ERP, which does not have an academic definition, is a concept created wholly by software vendors.

Is it possible to say that ERP is now a need for business process management?

Actually, when we look at the production businesses today, most of them still manage their processes, including production, over excel insistently. Excel is a correct choice as well; however, lack of management and reporting that appear when the data get bigger (when the company gets bigger) creates a risky environment. Furthermore, each employee adapts their own excel to the company, and therefore, no sustainable management is created. It is clear that these lead the companies not to go further but to make no headway or even to get worse.

Well, can you tell us of just in time production (JIT)?

With ERP Software, it becomes possible to get the actual costs by including operating costs together with processes such as just in time production (JIT), Product Configuration for companies making productions at infinite variations, Finite Capacity Planning, and Further Scheduling. Moreover, operation based tracking, License Plating at stock management, and management of maintenance and repair processes of machinery by ERP are some of the advantages of ERP software use in terms of both follow-up and cost saving.

Login ERP offers the opportunity of a structure where you can monitor all related processes including manufacturing to order (MTO), manufacturing to stock (MTS), and supply chain management over a single platform. Login ERP contributes to the increase of customers’ performance by Login Smart Handheld Terminal System special to production and logistics in addition to Unique Production and Logistics Management skills.

Could you briefly tell us about systems of Login that acts by the saying ‘right decision at the right time’?

Login offers the substructure of decision support systems with its solutions enabling integrated management of all sources like capital, machinery, staff, time, and place, and transformation of all operations that can appear in a business into reportable information. It enables all managers at any level to access the authorized operating structure in real time for "correct decisions at the right time".

Can you briefly explain the product configurator solution of Login ERP?

With the sector-free and unique Product Configurator solution your product stocks composed of hundreds of thousands of different codes can be decreased to hundreds, and you can dynamically manage all your information by defining your variables (color, size, form, etc.)once. Instead of defining ten thousands of code and static product trees, it will be enough to arrange variants in only a few minutes in order to create a new model code different from the variant structures. It provides automatic creation of the purchase order of the subcomponent glass shelf used in the product with the narrowed size when you narrow the product for one of your customers, for example, with the dynamic and relational structure of product trees.

What is the biggest problem in actualizing an ERP project in your opinion? In addition, what kind of solution does Login offer for this problem?

I think the biggest problems in actualizing ERP projects are the conflicts between the software vendor firm and customer originating from communication. In my opinion, existence of a third eye monitoring and tracking both sides entering into the project is crucial. As the business development department, we have been placing great importance on this issue for about 2 years and we have justified happiness of bringing our successful project management nearly at 100% level. We overcome user resistances that we experience in our projects by close communication and ensure actualization of the project willingly and with full motivation by both sides.


The importance of after sales support in ERP systems and the speed of fulfilling customer demands is getting more valuable nowadays. What are your ideas about this?

We can assert that business world is in a more complex and dynamic process compared to the past. While adaptation of the firms to this dynamism and change is getting more important each other day, concept of speed concerning fulfillment of the user expectations becomes equally important. We can say that monitoring the process that experience such changes and innovations correctly, and adapting the software used for the business accordingly become compulsory. Login Software offers a service to our customers where they can always monitor and adapt to the changing system with the Integrated Help Desk we established and our team. We regard ERP as a living structure. Therefore, just like the life itself, ERP systems are structures that are not resisting to changes, are transforming by the changes, and are getting in a unique harmony with our customers by the transformation. Following actualization, Login ERP projects always become possible by means of including additional improvements or new adaptations into the system by tracing new business models that are strategic or towards expectations of customers.

What issues does Login give priority to when services provided are in question?

Providing services complying with certain matters is highly important especially for us. These are shortly;

  • Sustainable integrated management system,
  • Quick and effective reply for the innovations and improvements,
  • Increase of user interest in and attitudes towards the software positively day by day,
  • Increase of the quality between company management and data and information processes.

The most valuable matter for us is customer satisfaction. Therefore, the priority of Login Software is always simple and solution oriented approach to the customers.

Login users can deliver the following to the helpdesk at headquarter live besides submitting Request Entries over the website by Integrated Helpdesk System:

  • Request date,
  • Module name,
  • Short description,
  • Relevant person,
  • E-mail address of the relevant person or multiple address,
  • Detailed subject information,
  • File attachment.

Meanwhile, Login ERP users can monitor the requests they sent over web portal in real time with work order number and they can have knowledge about its status.

In short, Login Software stands by its customers in order them to adapt the change after sale and continues to provide the services they demand at a speed required by our age.