Huge Business Partnership Between Login Software and Simkan Technology

Login Software that has been offering flexible business solutions since 1989 and Simkan Technology, the technology company of Simkan Automotive, that has been offering import, export, logistics and after-sales services for products of the worlds major spare parts manufacturers to its customers since 2005 entered into a huge business partnership.
Founded to find solutions that are specific to the automotive industry, Simkan Technology develops products based on its deep knowledge and experience gained from accurate analyses on the needs of the industry. Pursuing the goal to offer the optimum solution with its professional software team and project analyst and executive staff after proving its worth in the automotive industry, Simkan Technology and Login started to combine their experiences and produce end-to- end solutions that are exclusive to the industry.
Some examples of solutions to be developed are:
B2B and B2C
Business-to- Business (B2B) and Business-to- Customers (B2C) systems will be offered in integration with ERP in line with the organization of companies.
MOBILE APPLICATIONS Specifically coded and designed software for smart mobile devices that almost everyone uses today will be working in full integration with ERP.
The partnership of these two companies that adopt as a principle to deliver high quality services for many years by combining accurate analyses and experience will beyond doubt bring a similar huge success.