In Cooperation with Login Software & Qualist Technology Data Collection and ERP Integrations in Production

The technology company Qualist, which has been producing software solutions for digital transformation in the industry since 2009, and Login Software, which has been one of the innovative and leading companies in software since 1989, have partnered to cooperate in the field of data collection.

43% of the Company factory intelligent techno lo preventing the adoption of jiu most important, he stated that the issue of integration with existing technologies. (Source: Gartner)

On-site R&D center Qualist, in response to this fear, develops technological business applications based on scientific breakthroughs and creates systems by changing business methods efficiently.

Qualist, which creates value in the digital transformation of more than 90 businesses in 13 different sectors with Login Software, which has adopted the principle of helping its customers to make the right decisions at the right time with its comprehensive services and solutions , has joined forces to produce successful projects in the Industry 4.0 / Digital Transformation studies of the companies.

The commercial and administrative processes managed in the ERP of an enterprise and the production and maintenance operations managed in the factory area become end-to-end with Qualist MES. By combining Qualist's MES and Login Software's ERP systems experiences;

With this collaboration, they aim to be the language of all operations covering all processes from end to end, with the traceability of factory operations, their analytical ability, and the manageability of data-based decision systems.