Lazzoni Mobilya Keeps its Business Processes Under Control with Login ERP

Designing its products in Europe and combining high quality Italian leather, carefully selected Turkish fabrics, superior German technology and a century of experience and manufacturing tailored furniture for users with luxury touches, Lazzoni keeps its business processes under control with Login Integrated ERP.

Making its mark in the U.S. market following its fast penetration, Lazzoni is one of the leading companies of Turkish Furniture Industry with its modern production facilities across 25 thousand m2 in Turkey, experience over 65 years and wide sales network extending over 4 continents.


Standing out with its modern designs in Turkish furniture industry, Lazzoni Mobilya chose Login Integrated ERP in all of its processes, particularly in production and after sales services. We talked with Ms. Ömür Demir, Project Manager of Lazzoni, about their adventure with Login Integrated ERP.

Which modules of Login Integrated ERP do you use and what benefits do these modules provide?

We benefit from Login as a complete set ERP system in all of our processes. We use Production modules in particular as well as Login Integrated Finance and Login Integrated Distribution modules. Production structure of Login Integrated ERP is vital for make-to- order companies with complex module structure, just like we have. Login ERP has 4-5 or more variables and since these variables provided us to prepare tens or hundreds of sub- variables within such variables and to configure them and to prepare a product receipie under a production code and this ensured that we minimalised any confusion that we may face.

Such an infrastructure which may summarized as single sentence is the production structure that contributies at every phase ranging from entry of raw material to the plant to delivery of the product to the custemer. Login ERP, which is improved by us by means of new projects each and every day, gives its support at maximum level and thus, enabled the development of our company in a short span of time.

Why did you choose Login Integrated ERP?

Since product quality and after-sales support are indispensible values of Lazzoni, quality and after-sales service are prioritized in considerable investments to be made by our company. The quality of Login ERP, after-sales service and successful production module steered us to make this decision.

How did Login support you both during and after the installation of application?

One of the priorities of customers who will buy products from make-to- order companies is the "timely delivery of products". This is one of the issues that manufacturers pay attention to as much as customers. Login Software supported us on time both during and after the installation and enabled a smooth transition process.