LINGA rOS - Login ERP Integration

LINGA, the architect of the first cloud-based operating system, is the solution of the restaurant management system, depending on the agreement of Bricstech Yazılım, which has developed solutions with globalized solutions and new generation cloud systems in the restaurant and hotel sectors since 2004, and Login Software, which has digitized the business processes of businesses since 1989. With the LINGA rOS - Login ERP integration, an important need for stock management of the restaurant industry was brought to a solution.

All records of the materials received with the realized project are made to Login ERP. It can measure material, price, vendor performance instantly, thus ensuring that the purchasing processes are completely under control.

After the sales made in the LINGA rOS system are automatically transferred to Login ERP together with the web service, product production and material consumption are realized through the recipes linked to the products sold in the Login ERP system. Thus, instant stock tracking can also be provided through the system.

In this way, instant recipe costs can be accessed according to the purchase prices of materials and sales prices of products according to recipe data. Not only the product sold, but also sauce etc. semi-finished product recipes are also managed in Login ERP, and a semi-finished product recipe can be linked to the recipe of the sold product.

In addition, instant counts provide access to inventory/stock count differences, and thus, the Inventory Report is also received online from the system, allowing the business to be kept under control.

At the same time, warehouse monitoring is also carried out in the Login ERP system, so that instant stocks of warehouses are kept under control, for example, stock transfers from the kitchen to the bar or between branches. In parallel with all these data, losses and thefts are prevented, and business finance efficiency is fully ensured with the dominance of data to make the right purchase at the right time.