Login Software Attended MOBDER Members’ Meeting

Login Software attended the members’ meeting of MOBDER (the Association of Furniture Manufacturers and Exporters) that is engaged in the furniture manufacturing, export and trade in Turkey in the top segment, gathers its respected brands under the same umbrella and supports its members to create "World Brands" in the furniture sector and acts as the pioneer in creating the 'High Quality Turkish Furniture' image around the globe.

In the members’ meeting held on November 8th, 2019 with the participation of Mr. Levent Sılay, Board Member of Login Software, and Mr. Ahmet Savaş, Business Solutions Director at Login Software, Mr. Levent Sılay made his presentation on ‘Continentally Independent Digital Transformation in the Furniture Industry".

We, i.e. Login Software, would like to thank President Mr. Murat Tunç, Secretary General Mr. Nesim Tüzmen and members for their hospitality.