Login Software, the Choice of Ayson Geoteknik in ERP and HR

Ayson is a specialized company in geotechnical business of Doğuş Construction Group and uses Login Integrated ERP and Login Integrated HR solutions for the management of ERP and Human Resources processes.

Ayson that is a specialized company in geotechnical business of Doğuş Construction Group has been offering top quality services to private and public organizations at home and abroad since 1972; i.e. its foundation date.

Injection works, injection tunnels, bored pile and ranker piles, wick drains, sand drains, jet injection columns, stone columns, impervious wall curtains, retaining walls, pre-tensioned temporary and permanent anchorages, sheet piling works, rock bolts and soil nail works, shot-crete works, exploration and drilling, water drills, drainage wells, foundation research, soil improvement works, preparation of deep foundation pits and placement of measurement tools, preliminary studies and in-situ land experiments are major operations of Ayson.

Ayson also offers an extensive service network in off-shore structures, piers, dolphin construction, ferryboat terminal platforms and jetty constructions. ‘Viaduct Construction and Tunnel Construction’ has recently been added to operations of the company. Ayson has successfully completed injection of 43.750 tons, bored piles of 1.131.000 m and anchorage of 513.000 m in the scope of projects that it has assumed.

Having been managed by an experienced technical team since 1972 with the principle of "Quality First", Ayson has been greatly admired by domestic and foreign investors and companies about geotechnical operations.