Login Software was the Choice of Garanti Gümrük for ACD Integration in Costing Processes

Offering services since 1995 in Customs Brokerage, Garanti Gümrük decided to manage its import procedures via Login Integrated ERP. Additional Customs Duty (ACD) practice on some products, which is required by Ministry of Customs and Trade, put companies in a difficult situation in terms of cost calculations.

Garanti Gümrük will implement ACD integration for cost calculations in the scope of Login Software ERP project.

After additional Customs Duty was imposed on the import of some products in accordance with additional decisions to Import Regime Decision number 2015/7712 and 2015/7713 published in the Official Gazette No. 29379 dated June 7 th , 2015 of Ministry of Customs and Trade, it became necessary for companies that import these products to adapt their software systems.

The fact that an ERP company that can adapt this regulation successfully to their system is not available in Turkey poses a threat to companies that fall in the scope of ACD.                                                                                                              garanti-gumrukleme-logo

Calculation of Additional Customs Duty (ACD) for costing

Since the automatic calculation of costs with the addition of ACD is made manually particularly in ​Customs Brokerage companies, any error in

calculation will pose a great risk to companies in terms of ​costs.


Garanti Gümrük entered into an agreement with Login Software because of its successful applications in the indusrty, particularly for Additional Customs Duty for the development of business processes and integration with software systems.

Login Software is well-known for its software solutions that have been developed and adapted to companies with great success.