Mak-iş Spare Parts Machine also Preferred Login ERP

Login Software, which has been digitizing the business processes of enterprises since 1989, has made an agreement with Mak-is Spare Parts Machinery, a well-established company focused on the import, export and production of construction equipment spare parts since 1978. Since the day it was founded, Mak-is Spare Parts Machinery, which has been leading the sector in general with its breakthroughs, has always been an exemplary company with its experienced and dynamic technical staff, wide stock and services aiming at absolute customer satisfaction.

Receiving the reward of customer-oriented work, always being innovative and bringing the best quality products to its customers with the most affordable price and flexible payment terms, with the ever-increasing customer satisfaction and therefore expanding market shares, Mak-is Spare Parts Machine also provides the management of end-to-end business processes with Login ERP. it will be.