Marsel Metal also Preferred Login ERP

Login Software, which has been providing solutions and services to manage the business processes of businesses since 1989, has entered into an agreement with Marsel Metal, a brand whose sector experience dates back to 2009 and is passionately committed to quality and superior customer service industry technologies with its diverse portfolio.

Marsel Metal, which was established as a company that carried out mass production abroad under a different company name in the past, moved from an area of ​​150m2 to an area of ​​6000m2 in 2 years, built its own factory and transferred the factory to its foreign partners as a result of this serious growth. As a result of decades of industry experience, it has reopened as Marsel Metal. While providing service with all the knowledge and equipment from mass production costs to European, American and Turkish documents and standards. is an organization that plays a role in saving time, product development and increasing profitability.