Okyanus Grup Also Preferred Login ERP

Since its establishment in 1993, Okyanus Grup has been providing important services in the construction industry, in specific projects at home and abroad, with the close cooperation of Yalıtım Çözümleri, Nasakoma and Leeb companies.

Okyanus Grup has successfully completed a significant number of projects at home and abroad. These projects include Shopping Centers, High Storey Buildings, Airports, Sport Facilities, Industrial Buildings, Logistics Warehouses, Residences, Hotels and Business Centers. With its expert staff in the field of Okyanus Grupo, Login Software, which has been providing solutions and services to manage the business processes of businesses since 1989, has made an agreement with Okyanus Group, which aims to continuously improve itself and carry its experiences into new projects and to do successful works in the construction industry. Thus, Okyanus Grup will be managing all business processes with Login ERP.