Özmen Un has Decided to Continue with Login ERP

Exporting flour from Gaziantep to Turkey and the Middle East, Özmen Un voted in favor of Login Integrated ERP in ERP selection process that was launched in order to manage its business processes.

Özmen Un intends to become effective in European and African markets with its new facilities next year.

Özmen Un, out-of- home consumption group and one of the important brands of Gaziantep, that achieved to expand its export market network despite all the hardships in 2015 plans to play an effective role in European and African markets and to grow with its new products across Turkey and the Middle East where it is still active once its new facilities are commissioned next year.

We came through

Stating that they set their targets with the projection that this would be a challenging year for industrialists in many aspects while they were making projections for 2015, Oğuz Özmen, Vice President of Özmen Un, says "We anticipate leaving this challenging process behind with the least deviation owing to the right measures that we took on time."

Stressing that they aspire to become available in "every dinner table", Oğuz Özmen says "We plan to play an effective role in European and African markets in product ranges that we will have with our new facilities and to grow in Turkish and the Middle East markets where we are already active with our new products and craft packages. Moreover, we target to earn an important place in retail group that we are not closely familiar with by making considerable investments".

High Product Diversity

Noting that R&D is one of the strongest and inseparable departments of Özmen Un, Oğuz Özmen says "We are making our R&D department stronger with substantial investments and qualified personnel every year. I can say with great joy and enthusiasm that we obtain new types of flour with high product performance that can meet our customers' needs to the full extent.​​ozmen-un

Özmen Un – Login Integrated Project ERP Project Information

Özmen Un that bought 20 user licenses from Login in the scope of its ERP Project will use Finance, Distribution and Production Modules.

The project is scheduled to be completed in 6-12 months.

Finance Module

  • General Accounting
  • Current Customer Account
  • Current Sales Account
  • Bank Transfer Transactions
  • Cash Transactions
  • Check Management
  • Note Management
  • Fixture Tracking
  • e-Book Admin

Distribution Module

  • Sales Management
  • Procurement Management
  • Stock Management
  • Import Management
  • e-Invoice Integration Web Service

Production Module

  •  Product Trees
  •  Job Orders
  •  Production Tracking