Plaset Plastic also Preferred Login ERP

Login Software, which provides solutions and services to manage the business processes of businesses since 1989, has signed an agreement with Plaset Plastic which is serving the Turkish Economy since 1961 the plastic passed into industry life in Turkey, for 60 years.

Plaset Plastic, which is having a high technology and expert staff, it adopts the production of the best quality from the design stage to the shipment as a production strategy, and offers a wide range of products and "Ideal Product" concepts by melting them in the high quality pot; continues its production by restructuring its new logo, total quality policy and modern production standards; Pioneering, innovative and one of the rare organizations that set the quality bar in plastic packaging will be managing all business processes with Login ERP which helping its customers to achieve success by making accurate and timely decisions by using important and needed information in the most efficient way thanks to its comprehensive services and solutions, by 2021.