Sanel Asansör Chose Login Software for its Business Process Management

Having set off its journey as Sanel Elektrik in 1986 and continued its path with Sanel Asansör, founded in 1995, Sanel Asansör ranked 1st in export among local companies according to IMMIB records as of 2013 and chose Login Software for its business process management.h

Having achieved many successes in Turkey and abroad since its establishment, Sanel Sansör has collaborated with the deep knowledge and experience of Login Software acquired throughout the years for its business processes as its manufacturing capacity increases day by day.

It is possible to say that both companies will triumph from this cooperation as both companies prioritize quality and customer satisfaction. Increasing its trade volume day by day with globally recognized brands and offering a wide range of products to its customers, Sanel Asansör, which has a significant market share in Asia, the Balkans and the Middle East, offers its products to its customers in 29 countries and serves them with its distributors in 7 countries.sanel

Sanel Asansör that wants Sanel name to evoke quality across the world decided to continue its path with Login Software.