Sidoorsa will Manufacture with Login ERP

Manufacturing massive doors in its factory in Ankara that is equipped with wood machines of the latest technology and making a big difference with its designs, Sidoorsa Masif Kapı chose Login Integrated ERP software that is specialized in furniture industry and has proven itself with references in order to manage its business processes effectively.

ERP NEWS: Mr. Mehmet, could you tell us about Sidoorsa please?

Mehmet Bayraktar: As Sidoorsa, we came up with the idea of manufacturing massive doors in order to meet furniture door requirements that we believe to be insufficient in Turkey. Furniture doors, also referred to as massive doors, were not manufactured in our country in a continuous and fast manner with standard sizes and materials. They could be manufactured in small workshops with intensive hand labor and at small quantities. Our basic philosophy when we set off was standard and fast manufacturing of massive furniture doors.

We did it succesfully.

Latest technology employed by wood machines and wood processing techniques have shown us that we can manufacture with laminated massive panels and obtain fast, standard and trouble-free products. We combined our knowledge on wood and experience on door manufacturing with our skills to solve problems of constructions in our country.

We incorporated craftsmen who are nested with wood in Anatolia for centuries and are scrupulous workers crafting wood like artists. The result was a very economical, natural, rational and perfect door that is manufactured with cutting-edge technology with minimum waste and that is crafted from massive laminates by skilled hands.

Climate was also important. Dry climate is suitable for the manufacturing of this door. Thus, the location of factory was chosen to be Ankara.


Our craftsmen who carry the rich wood culture of our ancestors who have used wood and nature in harmony for centuries bring doors to life every day with their skilled hands. Just like wooden doors of our mansions and waterfront houses that carry the traces of history and bitter-sweet memories, we believe that our doors will also survive after 50 years or maybe a century and we make production meticulously and with great efforts.

We examine designs of all doors at our mansions at the skirts of the Black Sea Mountains, Bosporus waterfront houses, modern residences and doors that were manufactured in Bolu, Aydın, Ankara, Safranbolu, Amasya, Antalya, İskenderun and Bodrum and survived up to day.

We try to transfer designs and production understanding of (centuries old) doors that were manufactured before 100 years, 300 years ago to our models without forgetting the modern life style and philosophy. We are proud to manufacture almost perfect massive laminated doors where all technical details are resolved.

ERP NEWS: Why did you choose Login Integrated ERP as the end of ERP selection process?

Mehmet Bayraktar: The diversity of products in furniture industry is high. We needed to use the feature under variant title in ERP system effectively. When we saw Login product configurator for this need of ours, we decided that this is exactly what we need.

We could design tens of different models of the same door swiftly and accurately with Login Integrated ERP Product Configurator. We instantly made our decision when we witnessed especially after demo what Login ERP could achieve.

Of course, the fact that Login Integrated ERP system has been successfully installed in many furniture companies and positive feedbacks created a positive influence on our decision.

ERP NEWS: Which modules of Login Integrated RP will you use? 

Mehmet Bayraktar: We will use almost all modules. Finance, accounting, sales, procurement, import-export, inventory, product configurator, production, MRP and cost. Each of them is very important for us. However, I’d like to stress product configurator.


As I have already told, there are many variants in furniture industry. Thus, creating product trees and routes is particulary burdensome. ​However, we can reduce hundreds of thounds of recipes that we need to create with Login Integrated ERP Product Configurator to hundreds. We can also configure our products swiftly for our tailored productions. Thus, we can view our actual costs promptly and accurately and I believe that we can offer high quality at more afforadble prices to our customers.