Simkan and Login started Inventory Integration Project with BOSCH

Having been offering flexible business solutions since 1989, Login Software partnered up with Simkan Automotive, which has been offering import, export, logistics and after sales services for products of the world's leading spare parts manufacturers since 2005, to continue to come up with its tailored projects for sector dynamics at full speed and energy.

ERP - B2B - Integration Triangle

Simkan Automotive is now able to offer services to other vehicle groups thanks to stock integration with BOSCH Turkey warehouse implemented by Simkan Automotive that does not compromise its range of stocks in VAG group and Login Software that offers flexible business solutions. Thus, Simkan Automotive has pushed its principle of fastest delivery of spare parts to customers, which is one of its main targets, to a higher level.

Impeccable service by Simkan Express to the entire country/Turkey

Alpaslan Topçu, Simkan Otomotiv A.Ş. Sales and Marketing Director, who spoke about the project says "The speed of the industry comes from delivering orders from customers to their shelves or vehicles as soon as possible.   

We serve from Simkan Main Warehouse, Mobile Warehouse and Simkan Express points in Adana-Mersin-İzmir-Antalya-Konya-Nevşehir-Bursa and Kahramanmaraş within 24 hours from any location in Turkey.

We achieved stock integration with BOSCH Turkey main warehouse both in order to feed our own warehouses as well as to enable our customers who order via B2B to receive their spare parts in the fastest manner by means of Login ERP integration. Thus, we can supply products that are not available in our warehouse at that moment to our customers and Simkan Express points within the same day. Our advanced technology infrastructure allows room for this, along with the contribution of our long-standing business partnership with Login Software and we will continue to implement the same project with other brands for which we act as dealer/distributor. We would like to thank BOSCH that always made us feel their support for helping us in this project as well in a short time".

ERP as a Viable Structure

Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, Login Bilgisayar Yazılımları A.Ş. ERP Solutions Consultant, who spoke about the project says "We consider ERP a viable structure. Thus, ERP, like life, is a structure that does not resist change, transforms with change and offers a unique harmony to its stakeholders as it transforms.

As Login Software, we are delighted to implement such projects and offer value-added projects to our country in line with an approach where additional developments or new adaptations are incorporated into the system after our projects become fully functional by following up new models for the industry and meeting user expectations or strategic new business models".