Simkan Otomotiv Opens up to the World with Login ERP

Fast processed orders in automotive spare parts industry and impeccable shipments are crucial for customer satisfaction. Operating in the field of automotive spare parts industry where competition is high, Simkan Automotive uses Login Integrated ERP for planning and managing all of its business processes. Winning a permanent seat in the industry in a short span of time owing to the strength from working in a systematic manner, Simkan Automotive strengthens its success with branches opened in various cities of Turkey and abroad. We talked with Mr. Ahmet Eser, IT Manager of Simkan Automotive, about ERP adventure of Simkan Automotive.

Detailed stock cards can be created for all products that are supplied by information infrastructure provided by Login Integrated ERP and products can be divided into categories and groups as one wishes and any relationship can be created among them. The entire import process can be managed by Login Integrated ERP without deficiency and actual costs can be calculated.

Features such as the ability to define conveniently information such as "equivalent part", "intended onboard place" etc. in Login Integrated ERP in line with the structure of spare parts industry and tracking of variable codes etc. put forward a solution that is consistent with the business dynamism in the industry.

Ability to work with any type of money and currency, consolidated stock information on branch basis and planning shipments to different addresses of customer from any store as well as determining courier company etc. are some features and possibilities that are offered by the software.

Rich functionalities, labor-saving and fast adaptability to changing needs and user-friendly interfaces of Login Integrated ERP offer important advantages. With strong inquiry and reporting facilities provided by the software, any information that accelerates decision- making processes from database can be instantly obtained.

Ahmet ESER, IT Manager of Simkan Automotive, emphasizes that the prerequisite for giving customer-oriented services today when needs are constantly evolving is a robust information system. He notes that all features and price alterations can be saved with system infrastructure offered by Login Integrated ERP and instant access to the right information is a great convenience for them at the phase of bidding and order placement. Stating that prices given in the automotive spare parts industry are as important as services, Eser underlines that they make their decisions by displaying current status of stocks, materials that are in transit in the scope of import operations and those entering orders from customers can view other sales orders that are open. He notes that fast processed orders and impeccable shipments are very important for customer satisfaction.

Ahmet ESER says "The majority of companies in our industry are indecisive about their transition to ERP software. There is no rule that only major companies can use ERP. We considered this as a project investment from the start and got our efforts’ and money’s worth in a short time.

ERP NEWS: When did your cooperation start with Login?

Our cooperation with Login software started in 2005 which is the date when our company was founded. We have been carrying on our ERP infrastructure since our first day with Login Software.

ERP NEWS: Why did you choose Login Integrated ERP?

We gained insight into the fact that development processes very difficult in ERP software on the market and reporting screens are not very flexible in terms of customer-oriented design. Problems that are generally faced in ERP systems involve the failure of our company to suggest solutions that satisfy their demands. We chose Login Integrated ERP system due to plus values that it offers to us and since it fully meets our demands that are shaped by our experiences that we gained throughout the years.

ERP NEWS: How did Login support you during and after the application installation?

First, we analyzed what we would do in our company during the installation process and we exchanged ideas about which role the ERP system will play in our system. They listened to our concerns and demands and drew a proper plan in line with our requests. Login software team made proper arrangements for us and incorporated them into our system. Necessary training was provided by the support team to our colleagues and application process was completed without any problem.

ERP NEWS: Which modules do you use in Login Integrated ERP and what advantages do they bring you?

Finance, Stock management and Sales modules are used in Login Integrated ERP system.

Detailed stock tracking and reports on decreases in stock quantities and retrospective sales statistics guided us in procurements. We make product sales analyses and next product procurements based on these reports. We transfer information about which products our customers use more to our sales team and respond to our customers’ requests in a more accurate way. Automotive spare parts industry is a market that needs to have a sales memory. You should know your customers well, give them information about the right products and convert them into sales. You should support sales with discounts and campaigns that you define in the system and need a strong infrastructure at the background to prevent any financial deficit. Login Integrated ERP is a system that has provided this infrastructure to us.

Finance, one of the arteries of company, plays a big role in the growth of company and helps the company to climb the ladder step by step. In our system where extensive information is available about our customers, we track financial analyses of our customers from order, to invoicing and shipment.

Its Finance Module has offered us an impeccable management opportunity by means of the control on all financial flows.

About Simkan Automotive


 Simkan Automotive offers import, export,logistics and after-sales services to its customers of products manufactured by the world’s major spare parts manufacturers in vehicle groups of VW, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA, PORSCHE, MERCEDES-BENZ, BMW, OPEL, FORD and PEUGEOT.

Headquartered in Istanbul, the company has branches in Antalya, İzmir, Bostancı, Konya, Stuttgart and Athens.

It is a professional company that meets customer expectations with its young and dynamic team as well as profound experience and know- how that have been accumulated from the first day.