SİYAŞ has been Managing its Business Processes with Login ERP Since 1990

We talked with Ms. Nurgül Arslan, Accountant Manager of SİYAŞ Subap İmalat ve Yedekler A.Ş. that has been using Login Integrated ERP and Login HR since 1990 about this quarter-century adventure.

When did you start working with Login?

Nurgül Arslan: Our cooperation with Login started in 1990. It has been 25 years. We have been using Login Integrated ERP and Login HR systems without any problem for 25 years.

Why did you choose Login Integrated ERP?

Nurgül Arslan: At first, we used it as an accounting program. Considering the circumstances back then, i.e. 25 years ago, we chose Login because of its technology and capabilities. As the years passed, we saw that Login solutions were a big help to our working system. At this point, we are using Login Integrated ERP solution due to its version upgrades. The answer to why we have been using Login for 25 years is that we can retrieve all reports in a short span of time and can see clearly our current state. That’s why we have been using Login Integrated ERP and Login HR systems for 25 years.

How did Login support you during and after the application installation process in this long adventure?

Nurgül Arslan: Very clear and precise reports in general accounting records and possibility of integration with several fields with a single log release the burden on our shoulders in terms of work load.

Delivery note project is currently ongoing. When this project is completed, we will be able to see stock status with single integration. This integration will play an important role in costing phase.

I can give my orders more reliably and confidently. As system users, we have full confidence in the system. Thus, there is no need to check any entry twice. Our productivity increases.

It is also important to enter mass personnel information in human resources links and to get this information with a single click. We really appreciate Login Integrated ERP in this regard.

Speaking of human resources, what could you tell us about Login HR?

Nurgül Arslan: We have been managing pay rolling and leave management processes for long years in compliance with current legislation. I can say that we have been using Login HR Payroll and Leave Management thoroughly. For instance,

Leave data such as Annual Leave, Paid Leave, Unpaid Leave, Sick Leave, Casual Leave that are entered on personnel basis and all tally items of relevant month are automatically created without manual transactions or errors.

We can report leave entitlements such as leave taken and remaining leave entitlement on monthly/yearly basis. This makes our job much easier.

During payroll formation transaction at the end of month, we can transfer earnings, deductions and tallies collectively in order to allow us to create payrolls on personnel basis easily.

We create all personnel payrolls with a single click in a fast, practical and reliable manner with Login HR after mass transfers.

Anyway, everything can be handled in Login with a single click and most importantly, they are integrated with other screens. This comforts us greatly.