The first ERP Project Powered by Artificial Intelligence

In Turkey Artificial Intelligence (Artificial Intelligence AI) area, one of the first R & D investment since 1989 to develop KORA wınwaı producing enterprises can manage their business process solutions provide the software solution partnership Logan. Thus, thanks to the integration of Login ERP and WINWAI, the first ERP project powered by artificial intelligence will be implemented.

With the WINWAI-Login ERP integration, machine learning and deep learning technologies will be used to automate workflows, making optimized decisions and predictive problems. With WINWAI Login ERP, you will maximize speed and efficiency in your business processes and reduce your costs.

Developed by experts with more than 20 years of experience in BI (Business Intelligence) and DB (Database) fields in various industries, WINWAI is preparing to become a major market player in data analytics and AI Technologies. With this solution partnership, which was also realized in this process, KORA and Login Software are excited to offer services and solutions with the project that will add value to the sector by combining their forces.