Yuki Chooses Login Software to Manage All Processes in an Integrated Manner

We had an interview about Yuki’s approach to enterprise resource planning software and their goals with Zeynep Germi, who managed to continue her journey started at the finance department of Yuki Industrial Machinery and Motor Industry Inc. as the vice chairman of the management board by dealing with each and every department, and Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, the ERP Solutions Consultant of Login Software.1

Zeynep Germi, the vice chairman of the management board of Yuki Industrial Machinery and Motor Industry Inc., and Ahmet Savaş Göktürk, the ERP Solutions Consultant of Login Software

Could you tell us about Yuki?

Germi: We can say that Yuki went into business by bases and motors of garment sewing machines. After that, we imported and purchased sewing machines. Today, we still continue to produce bases for sewing machines, but this constitutes only a limited part of our business line. We are in the leading position in sewing machine production when quantitatively evaluated. Later in 2005, beginning with gasoline-powered products, we started to produce electric motorcycles and entered the market. Currently, we are making sales at many points in Turkey through our dealers.

Storage process is one of the leading problems faced by big companies. You provide solution support through Login on this matter. What kind of advantages did Login support provide you?

Germi: In fact, we are not a new user of Login; we have gotten support from Login Software for a long time. As you have said, storage process is one of the important areas where big companies have problems, because you need a new system as the sales increase. We were quite lucky in this respect. Login helped us to have our work structure integrated to the processes. Since we provide maintenance service for garment sewing machines as well, we needed call center and service tracking systems. Our project has been of the scales from the very beginning and Login gives us a chance to forward our business processes without any problems by providing a structure unique to us.​


Could you tell us briefly about the structure and conditions of your storehouses?

Germi: We have an area of 32 thousand square meters in total, but we are using most of this area as storehouse. Meanwhile, we are using a small part of the building used as spare part storage as office area. We can say that the storehouse in İstanbul is our main storage. We have a ten thousand square meters of storage area at Thrace Free Zone as well, but currently we are not using it quite actively. To sum up, we have storage for garment sewing machines, storage for motorcycles, and four different storehouses for spare parts of these two groups.

What kind of assistance does Login provide you about the problems you face as a result of having several storehouses?

Germi: For us, the most important ones are the spare part storehouses. The places where we need storage systems mostly are also spare part storehouses. As a sewing machine consists of 500 parts, and we have more than 500 types, we expose to too many types. Login enables us to obtain a structure where everything is recorded into the system by making some arrangements at this point. By this means, when a part is demanded, we can find it in the shelf by preparing the order receipt.

What are the advantages provided by Login for the communication between your storehouses?

Germi: Some of our products need to be treated specially. Thus, we can say that they travel between our storehouses. The transfers between storehouses are quite important for us and at this point receiving software support eases our operations.​​


Well, is there any other system you need for storage processes?

Germi: Currently, we do not use any other system for the storage process. However, simplifying stock-taking is among our future goals. We would like to work through this.

How does the Yuki process continue for Login?

Göktürk: As Ms. Germi has stated, we can observe that taking action speed decreases as a result of the reporting problems companies face when they get bigger. As Login Software, we believe that just like the life itself, ERP systems should be structures that are not resisting to changes, are transforming by the changes, and are getting in a unique harmony with our customers by the transformation. Following actualization, Login ERP projects always become possible by means of including additional improvements or new adaptations into the system by tracing new business models that are strategic or towards expectations of customers. Similar needs have appeared at Yuki. We, Login, have offered an integrated system totally about consolidated report and special projects. Thanks to the system, they can see and manage whatever happens at the firm totally over Login ERP. Moreover, we successfully continue the improvements to be made on the software within certain plans with the support of Ms. Germi by evaluating new projects. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to her once again.

Finally, what is the first thing you may tell about Yuki’s future plans?

Germi: We have a goal about which we frequently talk to Mr. Göktürk. We aim a more controllable system by transforming all our systems into web-based ones.