ERP Software for Engineering and Construction

Construction industry, which leads several sub-industries with its internal dynamics, appears as one of the most important leverages of economic growth in our country. It is important to come up with accurate and healthy planning, analyses and fast solutions in the construction industry, which has gained an important momentum particularly with urban transformation in Turkey in the recent period, because of the fragile condition arising from the developments in the market. However, fractured structure of construction industry comprising of many different areas and complex business processes may adversely affect the capability of companies in the industry to produce fast solutions and make healthy planning.

Construction industry companies need to manage multiple projects, different construction sites and teams and suppliers in the optimum manner. Material tracking, stock control, shipment planning, human resources and financial resource management processes as well as detailed cost analysis are significant requirements of the construction industry and play an important role in productivity and time management of companies.

With our Login Business Solutions that allow all processes that are important for construction industry to be managed fast and accurately, we provide our customers in the construction industry with throughput yield that will make them thrive.  We automate phases such as inter-department planning, production, packaging and shipment with our overarching and easy solutions and combine different data from different construction sites under a single system and provide companies in the construction industry with considerable time and profitability.

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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the construction industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Login Supplier Portal that allows managing goods and service procurement processes efficiently and tracking orders opened for suppliers, invoices issued to them and payments made to them healthily
  • Login Shipment Planning that allows high transport costs to be cut down by means of optimum planning based on smart code logic
  • Login Material Requirement Planning that promotes profitability by making sure that materials are used efficiently
  • Login Cost Accounting that calculates actual costs in multi-structure companies swiftly and accurately in consideration of material, supplier and logistics costs
  • Login Business Intelligence that helps you to make the right decisions by analyzing information such as developments in markets and industry and changes in project plans
  • Login HR that helps getting the maximum productivity from available human resource with proper management of manpower comprising of different teams


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Do you face challenges such as keeping records such as cost/profitability/procurement on project basis?

Do you have difficulty in keeping different data from different construction sites under record?

Do your costs increase since you cannot use materials and stocks in an efficient manner?

Do you face problems in placing fast orders to suppliers and monitoring the condition of goods in transit?


With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can keep separate records for each construction site in a single system and you can track materials and stocks kept in different construction sites in a fast and smooth manner. You can track the condition of materials shipped to your construction sites and ship the required materials in the optimum manner without unnecessary procurement for accurate stock tracking in case of material needs. You can speed up your material supply processes thanks to web-based procurement structure. You can improve your financial processes and manage retail sales, tender-based sales and collections under a single system in the most efficient manner.

With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can establish communication with fast and effective communication with your suppliers, cut down your costs and increase your profitability with a healthy and accurate planning and analysis.


You win!

Prevention of losses arising from lack of system and control

Compiling records that are specific to different construction sites under a single system

Detailed tracking of material and stocks and shipment process

Resolution of communication problems

Increasing profitability rate and competitive advantage