ERP Software for Kitchen and Bathroom Industry

Companies that offer their services in the kitchen and bathroom industry have to create a new product tree for every production in line with production expectations that reflect personal tastes and preferences. However, creating a new product tree and opening stock cards each time for a single kitchen or bathroom production is a huge workload for companies.

Since systems where standard product trees are used and that require the use of drawing programs necessitate the integration of two different systems, it is becoming more difficult to manage processes such as material tracking, communication with dealers and production planning. On the other hand, it is necessary to report, for example, information on kitchen or bathroom products that were manufactured many years ago for improvement in new productions by ensuring the tracking of defective production processes.

We offer speed and convenience for business processes of our customers who choose make-to-order production in kitchen and bathroom industry by means of a structure that can meet all these requirements from a single system. With our solutions where all phases are pre-defined and that eliminates the need for an additional drawing program thanks to the drawing program without a viewer, allows instant information exchange between the head office and dealers and making decisions for improvement based on analyses of previous productions, we substantially reduce workload of our customers operating in this industry and help them to achieve sustainable profitability.


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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the kitchen and bathroom industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition.

  • Login ERP Product Configurator that we developed based on our professional experience and is the prefect solution for the problem of creating product trees resulting from product diversity in the industry
  • Login Shipment Planning that allows high transport costs to be cut down by means of optimum planning based on smart code logic
  • Login Production Tracking and Login Quality Control that is effective for increasing the quality of products and creating well-branded and certified products
  • Login Cost Accounting that allows revealing actual costs quickly and accurately by taking into account all relevant costs
  • Login Dealer and Franchise Portal that allows dealers and branches to access to up-to-date information via web and to be involved in processes without extra investment load


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Do you make tailored production or assembly in your company that constantly adapts to requirements, tastes or fashion?

Do you have difficulty in managing material tracking and your processes such ascommunication with dealers?


With our solution in ERP system that runs based on the logic of a drawing program without a viewer, you can choose your variants and components from among many options to form a product and create a product tree that is unique for each product rapidly and easily. You can define automatically parameters such as objects, colors, size and covering in the product tree and track all of your processes from a single system without hassling with the integration of two different programs.

You can calculate actual product prices depending on variants of each product without error and prevent any order from being placed beyond the pre-defined configurations. You can speed up your material supply processes with procurement request documents created automatically by taking into account your existing material stocks in production planning. You can avoid erraneous transactions and waste of time in your production and shipment processes and increase employee productivity.


You win!

Implementation of all processes from a single system with the integration of two different programs

Spending less labour and time for creating product trees

Better material, stock and shipment tracking

Informing dealer channel hastily about all changes in product components