ERP Software for Retail Industry

Changes in digital technologies trigger a radical change in consumer behaviours and the sales channel through which consumers get their products loses its importance. Retailers need to adopt new technologies, new processes and new organization formats and develop a modern business strategy in order to keep pace with this change in consumer behaviours.  While it is anticipated that consumers will see retailers like a single brand which they can continuously reach without any differentiation between virtual and real worlds, the importance of ‘multi-channel strategy” is gradually increasing. Consumers may now switch between sales channels at any moment and while doing this, they want to see coherent discount and promotion options in all channels.

This requires all processes from classification of products in retail industry to pricing policies, from campaign management to financial practices, from customer relations to sales planning, from chain of supply to warehouse management to be managed with an effective software infrastructure system. It is crucial for the industry to classify all products that will be sold in retail. On the other hand, factors such as campaigns frequently applied in retail industry and price changes require flexibility in this software infrastructure.

With our Login Corporate Business Solutions that include ERP, supply chain and warehouse management, shipment, barcode application, reporting, mobile and web-based easy-to-use applications, we enable our customers who are engaged in the retail industry to carry out an effective process management that can meet all their needs. We allow processes to be executed automatically between the head office and stores and thus, work load to be decreased. We meet the most critical need of retail industry, i.e. fast speed expectation.  


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Our solutions that enable our customers operating in the retail industry to make a difference and stand out in the competition

  • Login Customer Relations Management that allows customer demands and expectations to be met fully
  • Login Stock Management that allows information to be accessed instantly in connection with classification and management of stocks and stock status of stores
  • Login Cost Accounting that allows revealing actual costs quickly and accurately by taking into account all costs


We understand you and offer the solution to you:

Login Corporate Business Solutions

Do you need to manage all of your processes from a hub and via web?

Can you support your dealers to create their own stocks?

Can you take necessary actions by viewing the high number of your stocks fast?

Can your structure meet all requirements of your customer relations management?


With Login Corporate Business Solutions, you can manage your internal processes and communication with dealers and interaction with customers effectively in all phases from order to campaigns.

You can achieve productivity in all of your processes from online order placement to stock creation by dealers via web and from integration of your stocks to credit card infrastructure in sales, from campaigns to stock viewing.  In addition to product forwarding from the headquarters to a store where stocks are diminishing, you can achieve an effective stock management with solutions that enable automatic order placement in necessary cases.


You win!

Tracking via web and application methods

Fast information exchange between dealer and headquarters

Effective customer relations management

Effective stock management and tracking

Automated processes