Perfect Supply Chain Management

Enterprises should implement mechanisms ranging from order placement, quote, job order, approval, delivery, distribution and control to counting in the supply chain processes healthily and swiftly. Delays in order deliveries, failure to deliver products demanded by customers, unsold inventories and losses in the supply chain are the most important barriers that hinder the success of companies. It is significant to manage materials, information and income flow in harmony in order to ensure that the right product is delivered to customer at the right time with the right price and with the lowest cost for the entire supply chain.

As Login, we help you with our supply chain solutions to create your mechanisms such as order, quote, job order, approval, delivery, distribution, control and counting in a manner to improve your processes and accelerate your business.

Login offers comprehensive solutions to supply processes with its solutions, i.e. Sales Management for integration with all modules that will have an effect on sales with management control in all sales transactions either via web or desktop applications, Project Management that allows you to keep your projects under control from the start, Supplier Portal that allows you to strengthen your communication with your suppliers and make fast decisions by incorporating them into the system, Stock Management that cuts down your inventory costs with the right system and turns stocks into profit, Procurement Management that allows you to build your procurement processes with an extensive approval mechanism and makes it possible to give procurement approvals via smart phones as well, Dealer and Franchise Portal for incorporating your dealers and branches into the web portal without any extra cost, CRM Management for tracking any information about customer relations management and turning increasing customer satisfaction into profit and Import and Export Management that allows you to track your import and export processes over the system and save time with automatically calculated costs.

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