Login Software started its operations with the goals and targets that are still applicable with the title of "Login Bilişim".

First Solution

The first version of Login Integrated solution, developed to add productivity to business management of enterprises, was launched.

First Cooperation

Login Bilişim, Turkish representative of Informix Software, started to offer a robust database infrastructure to its customers, along with its solutions.

Product Development

Login Integrated Client Server version was developed and launched in line with the advancements in technology.

Stronger Cooperation

Login Bilişim started to offer its services as Regional Office and Education Center of Informix Software for which Login Bilişim has been acting as a representation office since 1991.

Technological Pioneer

Login Bilişim proved to be a technological pioneer by presenting Windows version of its Login Integrated solution.

Corporate Renewal

Login Bilişim company started to run its operations in two separate divisions: Login Software and Login Database.

Extension of Scope

Login Software launched over web the Personnel, Leave and Education modules of Login HR solution that is prepared for human resources.

Pioneer in the Industry

Login Software blazed a trail by developing Product Configurator product for make-to- order companies in the infinite variation.

Mobile Development

Login Software developed Login Smart solution that enables to run Login ERP operation modules via Handheld Terminals in order to meet changing needs in the mobilizing world.

At any Time, at Any Place

Login Software developed Login Web Business Suite solution that will allow enterprise owners and users to work via web, independently from time and location.

Supply from Internet

Login Software added e-Supply system that was developed with its innovative approach to its Supplier Management solutions.

Legal Compliance

Login Software launched e-Invoice Portal+ and e-Invoice Integration Web Service for its customers in line with statutory regulations.

Conformity Approval

Login Software has been following legislations closely and is entitled to receive Software Conformity Approval of its e-Book solution that is added to its product range.

Mobile Integration

Login Software integrated its Procurement System in the scope of Login Mobile solution to Login Integrated ERP.

The Future in the Cloud

Login Software is getting prepared to offer its solutions in the SaaS (Software as a Service) format in line with the advancing technology and needs.