ByKepi also Preferred Login ERP

Login Software, which has been providing solutions and services to manage the business processes of businesses since 1989, has made an agreement with ByKepi, which started its operations in 2001 and produces on industrial scale with its 17.000 square meter factory in Sarnıç, İzmir, with projects that require industrial scale manufacturing and serious architecture.

ByKepi, which makes a difference to the places it touches with its holistic design, production and service approach, not only creates living opportunities for those who want to create their own unique spaces, but also offers a brand new lifestyle. In addition to its special collections, it designs and produces special designs for its customers with its team that designs special spaces and products and is inspired by the beauties of life. Making a difference in the sector with this business model, ByKepi will be moving forward with Login ERP at the point of digitalization of business processes.