Bank Transfer Transactions

Failure to make fast data entries in enterprises where accounting transactions are more dynamic means more time and labor spent on this operation. User-friendly systems are required for making banking transactions, inter-account transfer transactions, defining different types of receipts used for transfer transactions, exchange rate difference transactions and integration between necessary modules and giving speed to processes retrieving detailed reports for transfer transactions.

With Login ERP Transfer System that is developed to accelerate data entries, you can make inter-account transfers, banking transactions and any transaction with regards to current transactions swiftly. Depending on the type of transaction, you can define frequently used explanations on user basis, enter identity and role definitions of authorized people that are wanted to be displayed on transfer receipt breakdowns and make automatically transactions arising from exchange rate differences with Login ERP Bank Transfer System that is integrated online with Login Accounting, Current Management and Login Sales Management solutions. With Login ERP Bank Transfer System that offers high speed and practicality, you can retrieve detailed reports on all transactions and collective receipts.