Expense Management

An effective accounting management enables expenditures and expenses to be recorded so that budget planning can be made accurately. However, tracking, entry and control of different types of items and expenses are a time-consuming process. With Login ERP Expense Management that allows site employees to insert their expense information via web interface without going to the headquarters and ensuring that they are recorded according to their periods, you can manage expenditures and expenses in your company healthily and avoid waste of time and unnecessary expenses. You can use ‘add expense’ feature of Login ERP Expense Management and make an unlimited number of expense/income center and income/expense item and create a hierarchical structure by defining sub-centers for expense centers. Thus, you can create flexible breakdowns in expense centers and realize accounting tracking for quantity and amount.

With Login ERP Expense Management that works in integration with Login ERP Invoice Management and Login ERP Budget Management solutions, you can view actual cost and profitability at any time, in any detail and currency you wish.