Leave Management

Transactions such as approval or rejection of leave requests during planning and tracking of annual leaves that take serious effort and time in medium- and large-scale enterprises must be made on time. Delays may be encountered in business processes of companies due to leave management that cannot be handled properly. Failure to handle properly leave controls and approvals on personnel basis such as Annual Leave, Paid Leave, Unpaid Leave, Sick Leave and Casual Leave may cause hindrances by making it more difficult to track and report remaining, carry- over and outstanding leaves and thus, to manage detailed leave planning.

With Login HR Leave Management that allows managing personnel leaves in compliance with legislation and company policies, you can assign special controls and approvals to different types of leaves and achieve leave monitoring and detailed leave planning in a fast and easy way. With Login HR Leave Management that allows personnel to request leave on web-based system, you can save time spent on this operation, carry out leave processes in compliance with legislation and customize and complete the process in line with your company's policies.