Novikov International also Preferred Login ERP

Since its launch in London Mayfair in 2011, Novikov Bodrum is part of the Novikov Restaurant Group, which has created one of the most attractive dining concepts by combining two different restaurants, one Italian and one Pan-Asian, and a Lounge Bar in the world of dining and entertainment options. Bricstech Software to manage the inventory processes of Italy and Novikov Helipad Lounge and Login Software, which has been providing solutions and services to manage the business processes of businesses since 1989.

Celebrating its tenth anniversary with a carefully crafted menu, highlighting a wide variety of sushi, dim sum and other specialty Pan-Asian dishes, and a series of new locations in Miami, Sardinia, Doha and Bodrum, Novikov International's hallmark is its chefs from around the world. It is an open kitchen, where the bountiful seafood and best seasonal foods from the side make culinary magic in front of them, evoking the atmosphere of an Asian food market. With this project, which will make a significant contribution to inventory management by gathering the sales, purchasing, stock and recipe processes of the restaurant industry on a single platform, business processes are digitized and the workload on personnel, including cost control, turns into a serious productivity.